Tom Dierolf, PhD. is currently a training/research facilitator at a World Heritage Site. He has over 30 years of international/US experience in rural community development, including 12 years in Appalachia. Tom has published photos from several NCAA Division I sports and a professional NFL game. A first-time filmmaker, he combined his passions for social justice, visual arts, sports, history, and Appalachia to make Almost Cured. Tom received a Certificate in Documentary Studies at Duke University in 2016.


Durward Rogers is a filmmaker with an interest in scientific and technical documentaries. He started practicing film photography at the age of nine and has used Photoshop and digital cameras since they were first released. Before earning his Certificate in the Documentary Arts, Rogers spent twenty-five years as a computer graphics engineer, working on such projects as the world’s fastest graphics supercomputer and the original Xbox. He is currently working on a film about climate change.

NAACP Chapter of Transylvania County was founded with the mission of adding to the cause of racial equality its commitment to equality for all: voters, women, students, the LGBT community, immigrants, workers, taxpayers, those in need of health care and all people of color.

Assistant Editor/Colorist

Sérgio Miguel Silva

Sound Editor

Melissa Pons is a sound designer and sound recordist based in Stockholm, with work ranging from documentaries to feature films. While specializing and focusing on sound, the building of a multidisciplinary approach involving anthropology and ethnology, physics, biology and literature has been fundamental to create work towards a most sensorial and profound experience.

Final editing and film festival submissions were made possible through the generous support of 54 backers who helped us raise 104% of the Indiegogo campaign target.

Executive Producer

Carter Heyward & Susan Sasser


Gene & Sally Baker

Frances & Ben Collins-Sussman

Mac & Veronica Morrow

Associate Producer

Sitarih Ala’i & Ruhy Soraya              Kathleen Barnes

Trip Barthel & Cindy Savage            Karina Dierolf & Jake Saunders

Yohana Dierolf                                  William R. Horwath

Jim Lukens                                       Steve Muntz

Robert & Denise Pyke Porter           Charles Durward Rogers

Mikki Sager                                       Kristopher Sheldon

Joshua Wark


Lalit M. Arya                                      Leslie P. Borhaug

Prentiss Brewer                                 Daniel & Kristen Brookshire

Rita Carr                                            Sally Causey

Kathy Colverson                                Jonathan Cooper

Maureen Copelof                               Pam DeAngelis

Ginger Deason & Luis  Carrasco      Jenni Edney

Sheila Galloway                                Cindy Gieger

Matt & Eliza Gieger                           Julia Harold

John Jessen                                      Nicola Karesh

Julie Lawhorn                                    Dan Lincoln

Leslie Loeffel                                     Nash Roberts

Charles A. Parker                              Mary Snow

Susan R. Stengel                              Jean Thomason

Tom Welbourn                                   Laura & Paul Williams

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